The Ring

Hey Guys, this is just a stupid silly poem I wrote. It doesn’t make any sense and it was fictionalized, but then again what isn’t. I like poetry, but I’m not very good at writing it as you can tell once you read the poem below, but that’s alright. I wrote this poem a couple of days ago, on…Let me check real quick…March 5, 2016. So, um, enjoy this beautiful poem that isn’t exactly beautiful but still, ENJOY!
There is a black ring that I found in my desk
Rolling around on the inside, making noise like a pest
It’s made for a boy and
It’s metal and small with the Superman logo
 I don’t know where it’s from and I don’t know who’s it is
Although it doesn’t fit me, I still wear it
On my pinky where it’s too big
On my neck tied on a ribbon
I didn’t know what to do with it
So I kept it, safe and sound,
And when the owner comes to claim it, I’ll give it back
But it might be more important to the owner than it is to me
Maybe it’s just Superman
Or maybe it’s just me
But I like to pretend that my soulmate hid it for me to find
And recognize it as mine
And although, it’s highly unlikely
I still dream
Letting my imagination run free
I’m a teenage girl, you can’t expect more
And I can’t wait for the day when someone puts their knee to the floor
Right in front of me, kneeling, asking for my hand
Putting a ring on the finger next to my pinkie
Then I’ll have two Supermans (or two Supergirls 😉
And that’s plenty
 -The Hobo in the Tent
**Disclaimer: I prefer Marvel over DC (Spidey all the way)) and I prefer Batman over Superman, but Superman is appreciated**

Hello there fellow persons

Hello there fellow people. Welcome to the Vent Tent! This is where I vent about things that happened throughout my day or just random things that I feel like sharing. I try my hardest to stay unbiased, but, of course we all have our own respected opinions…Well most of us anyways.

So, about me, I like cats & dogs. they’re too adorable to pick between the two. I don’t really like swearing unless I’m repeating what someone said earlier or I have an extremely strong opinion about that particular thing. Some of these vents are based off true events (that I will later cringe on) and some of these are exaggerated off of true events.

Okey-dokey artichokey (I don’t like articokes),

Adios! 🙂